Alpha’s New FluoroSeal® AFLAS offers improved performance for gasketing applications

There was a time when superior performance in harsh chemical environments demanded the use of standard fluoroelastomer materials for most gasketing applications.  Today fabricators have more options; including Alpha’s latest commercial development of AFLAS® polymer-based sheet stock materials.

Fabricators were looking for improved performance in environments like steam, amines, ammonias, and caustic soda.  This drove Alpha’s desire to expand its popular FluoroSeal® brand of fluoroelastomer-based products.  AFLAS® has superior resistance to strong bases in comparison with fluoroelastomers.  Additionally, it has better steam resistance than fluoroelastomers offering continuous operating temperatures up to 230˚C. AFLAS® has similar chemical resistance to perfluoroelastomers; yet can be more cost effective in some cases.

Alpha’s AFLAS® based sheet goods are currently available on a made-to-order basis.  Please contact your Alpha Associates representative to learn more.

+Fluoroseal®is a register trademark of Alpha Associates, Inc.
*AFLAS® is a registered trademark of the Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.



Expansion of Alpha Associates, Inc.’s World Headquarter Campus Expects to Create New Jobs in 2013

To meet global demand and forecasted growth, Alpha sq. ft. to its manufacturing facilities and brings new jobs to Lakewood, NJ.

AlphaEarlyConstructionLakewood, NJ, (PRWEB) July 18, 2013 — Alpha Associates Inc recently broke ground to add 20,000 sq. ft. to its world headquarters campus with an impressive state-of-the-art facility, once completed. Construction is underway and expected to be operational by the end of the year. President and CEO, Chris Avallone stated that “while recent economic conditions were rocky for some, Alpha has shown incredible resilience and thrived during difficult times”. Avallone went on to say, “Global demand for our insulation products coupled with rapid growth in our elastomer business necessitated the expansion.”

The new facilities will include additional rubber processing equipment, a state-of-the-art laboratory and warehousing space. The Lakewood facility will also be installing a solar energy system in support of Alpha’s commitment to New Jersey’s Green initiatives. “This expansion will allow Alpha to achieve its aggressive growth plans over the next 3-5 year’s and provide our customers more sophisticated and efficient solutions.” Alpha’s growth initiatives will be supported by a concentrated alignment of its management team. New leadership positions were recently announced to focus on the individual sectors of their burgeoning markets.

Alpha Associates Inc. will now be comprised of two business divisions, Insulation Textiles and Facings, and Engineered Elastomers. Respectively, each division will be managed by Chief Operating Officers John Baxter and Rob Antonius. “The organizational changes are a direct outcome to Alpha Associates continued success and efforts to flourish in the local and global market” Avallone said.

Founded in 1968, Alpha Associates Inc. develops, manufactures and markets high-performance industrial fabrics, composites and elastomers. Through a global presence across the U.S., Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia, Alpha’s products are used around the world in a wide range of critical applications and industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, petrochemical and construction. As an innovator and pioneer, Alpha has contributed to revolutionary breakthroughs in flexible industrial ducting and removable insulation blankets. The company’s core technologies are frequently used to create new materials for energy conservation, safety and process-specific applications.

For your convenience, Alpha Associates Inc. could be contacted online, by phone, fax or email:, (P) 800-631-5399, (F) 732-634-570, info(at)alphainc(dot)com.

Combining chemical treatments and fabric design to achieve anti-wicking, Alpha develops new anti-wicking meta-aramid (Nomex®) materials.

Anti-wicking treatments have been available in the commercial marketplace for some time. As a material processesor using fabric substrates, there are basically two ways to achieve anti-wicking. The first way is to use the fabric technology to inhibit passage of air or fluid from the ID (inside diameter) to the OD (outside diameter) of the die cut part. The second way includes the use of chemical treatments during the process to prevent air passage through the coated substrate.

At Alpha, both technologies are incorporated to provide optimal anti-wicking performance in coated substrates. Alpha designs substrates with improved constructions for promoting anti-wicking, and then treats the material with chemical components design for superior anti-wicking performance and rubber to fabric adhesion.

Alpha’s latest development, “anti-wicking” meta-aramid (Nomex®) coated with FKM, uses this multi-step approach to achieve anti-wicking results better than 150 psi on an industry approved test stand. These anti-wicking results are among the best in the coated fabrics industry and meet the rigorous standards of the top valve and controls manufacturers in the marketplace.

Nomex® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Combining High Performance Polymers with Technically Superior Substrates

There is a popular held belief that you should not coat high performance elastomers on low performance substrates. Conversely, you should not coat a high performance substrate with a low performance polymer. If you do, the resulting composite will only be as good as the lesser of the two components.

We happen to agree. Alpha Associates has recently completed two development projects combining high performance polymers with technically advanced substrates.

FKM on Nomex

Most fluoroelastomers have been known to perform well in oil and gas environments, and temperature ranges up to 400° F. Meta-aramid substrates, such as DuPont Nomexâ, also display superior performance in temperature ranges up to 600° F. Our experience has demonstrated that most industrial grade Nomex materials have a melt point around 700° F. User experience may vary as both the polymer and substrate combinations can be adjusted for improved performance; nevertheless, these are good starting points to begin evaluations in application.

FKM on “Anti-Wicking” Nylon

“Wicking” typically occurs when the internal pressures on an ID (inside diameter) exposed fabric edge seeps through the composite, across a clamped flange area, and exits through the OD (outside diameter) of the die cut edge. Fabric treatments have been developed to prevent wicking and also improve rubber-to-fabric adhesion concurrently. Our latest development combines the chemical resistance of FKM’s with the anti-wicking fabric treatments to provide optimal performance in these environments.

Both materials above are commercially available from Alpha Associates, Inc. in Lakewood, NJ

What is AlphaLAM™?

AlphaLAM™ from Alpha Associates, Inc. in Lakewood, NJ is a 100% virgin PTFE dispersion coated fiberglass substrate with a fluoroplastic chemical barrier composite (cast PTFE film). Custom colors and constructions are available on request with standard lead-times. AlphaLAM™ 1001 is 33 osy with 600 pli of tensile (WxF), while AlphaLAM™ 2001 is 54 osy with 1200 pli of tensile (WxF). Both products have a continuous operating temperature of 600° F.

AlphaLAM™ was designed to help bridge the performance and price-value gap between standard elastomeric coated substrates and expensive "ultra-high" temperature options in thermal expansion stress relief. For more information on AlphaLAM™ and other expansion joint materials from Alpha, visit our web-site at or stop by booth 2183 at the upcoming PowerGen 2012 show in Orlando, FL December 11-13th.

AlphaLAM™ is a trade name of Alpha Associates, Inc. Lakewood, NJ

Why attend the PowerGen 2012 show in Orlando, December 11-13?

I attended PowerGen last year in Las Vegas and was impressed with the size and content of this show. Focused mainly on support functions for all types of power generation, the main reason for Alpha Associates attendance was on high temperature applications and industrial textiles used in expansion joints and thermal insulation.

The flue duct expansion joint market continues to search for flexible options at high temperatures. The key challenge is to address stress relief from thermal expansion, and achieving this without breaking the bank. Alpha has always supported these types of efforts with new and improved products. Alpha Associates, Lakewood, NJ, will be introducing several new options for high temperature thermal expansion applications at this year’s show. One example is AlphaLAM; a new high performance composite product from Alpha utilizing PTFE film and woven fiberglass cloth. Samples of AlphaLAM will be in booth space 2183 in Orlando or visit our web-site at

For your convenience, here’s a link to register for PowerGen 2012